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Current Course Conditions - Course is Open and Carts are Off Path
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Last day for range use today Nov 26. Will be closed until March 1, 2015.
PACE OF PLAY! Play Ready Golf and remember your place on the golf course is: Directly behind the group in front of you! Not directly in front of the group behind you! Let time take care of itself, be attentive to this PACE OF PLAY!.
Sixsomes are allowed but must keep pace with the group in front.
Members make sure to spend your Credit Book earnings before December 31, 2014.
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Happy Thanksgiving to all our MTGC Family , we are very thankful to be associated with everyone!
We are updating customer files currently. If your email address or any other information changed please contact the Shop to verify or update. We will also be adding photos to customer folders so when you see Patrick or David say "cheese take my picture". Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.
The spraying operations in the fairways is for Poa and clover control, and the seeding you will note is finished for the season . The clearing work done on the slopes below the club house is 98% completed and the area will be maintained in a parkland look. The erosion control seeding is growing in well, though the latest seeding will not cover until late spring 15. The short game area is growing nicely, and we are looking to open for practice in the spring!
The greenspeed is being maintained near 9 on the stemp meter. Rolling and growth retardants along with constant mowing and light topdressing( a 90/10 blend of fine sand and peatmoss ) on a two to three week schedule are needed to maintain this speed, and the health of the grass. A repaired ball mark on the green will heal in days, one left unrepaired will heal in weeks or longer. Please help us help your roll. Remember the red 4x4s on the fairway edge near the green, indicate the golf cart should return to the path, of the hole you are playing. We do this in a continueing effort to maintain playable conditions close to the greens, in the past excessive wear from cart traffic left many areas unplayable. Thanks for your consideration! ,
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Midland Trail Golf Club
Email the Proshop. We value your opinion.
Range closes for season Nov 26, 2014. Will reopen March 1, 2015
Pace of Play is ready golf and remembering your place on the course is : Directly behind the group in front of you! Not directly in front of the group behind you!
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